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How to Download YouTube Comments

  • by: Sandra Figueiredo
  • On: 12, Sep 2023
5 min read

YouTube is a global hub for content creators and businesses, and with millions of videos being uploaded daily, it's no surprise that the platform receives an immense number of comments. For businesses and marketers, these comments can be a goldmine of insights and feedback. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to an efficient solution that allows you to download YouTube comments hassle-free.

Why export YouTube comments?

YouTube comments are a treasure trove of insights and feedback from your audience. Exporting them allows for a more profound analysis, enabling you to uncover valuable information about your viewers' opinions, preferences, and sentiments regarding your videos or products.

Unfortunately, this platform currently does not have a native YouTube comment exporter.

Currently, you can go to the post and copy-paste each comment into Excel, or use an easy-to-use tool like BrandBastion to export.


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How to easily export all comments from YouTube in one click

While YouTube may not offer a built-in comment export feature, you can achieve this seamlessly with BrandBastion Lite. Here's how:

1. Sign Up for BrandBastion Lite:

Visit the BrandBastion website and sign up for a Lite account. You can enjoy a 15-day free trial without needing to provide credit card information.

2. Grant Social Media Account Access:

After signing up, grant access to your social media accounts, including YouTube.

3. Customize Filters:

BrandBastion allows you to set up specific filters to narrow down the comments you want to export. For instance, you can filter by sentiment, keyword, or date range.

4. Export Comments:

Once your filters are customized to your liking, hit the "Export" button. BrandBastion will compile all the comments that match your criteria (up to 5,000) into a downloadable CSV file.


When you export comments using BrandBastion, you get a comprehensive dataset that includes:

  • Platform Name: Identifies the platform where the comment was made.
  • Page Name: Specifies the page or video where the comment is located.
  • Message: The actual comment text.
  • Message Translation: Translated version of comment to english (if applicable)
  • Status: Indicates whether the comment is visible or has been hidden.
  • Comment Link: A direct link to the comment for reference.
  • Post URL/ID: The URL or ID of the YouTube video where the comment is posted.
  • Sentiment: The sentiment expressed in the comment (positive, negative, neutral).
  • Campaign Name, Ad Name, Ad Set Name: Useful for tracking comments related to specific marketing campaigns.
  • Date & Time: Timestamp of when the comment was posted.

This process will enable you to fulfill any of the following use cases:

  • Export youtube comments
  • Download all comments from YouTube video
  • Download YouTube comments to excel

Analyze & download social media comments

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok Ads & Organic covered

Free trial. No credit card required. 

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